Where and how to rent a car in Lisbon and Portugal

Where and how to rent a car in Lisbon and Portugal

For those who do not know, renting a car in Lisbon and in Portugal is an excellent idea and one of the ways to enjoy the trip much more. Portugal is a beautiful country to be explored by car and in addition to having much easier to know the sights of the city itself, a good reason to rent a car in Lisbon is to be able to get to know the whole of Portugal, because as it is not a big country, you can in a few weeks explore all regions. Here are renting car tips in Portugal.

But how to rent a car in Lisbon and Portugal?

The easiest and cheapest way to rent a car in Portugal is to make the reservation here through the Internet, to guarantee your car and the best price, since reserving by Internet and in advance, is much cheaper than renting on time.

Documents to rent a car in Lisbon and Portugal

The only documents you’ll need to rent a car in Lisbon and Portugal are your passport and your driver’s license. No need to take the International Portfolio to Drive. The highways, streets and avenues of Lisbon and Portugal are excellent and well represent the first world that is Europe. A super organized traffic system, without traffic and very easy to drive.

Speed limits in Portugal

For car (and motorcycles), the speed limits are divided into:

– Built-up areas: 50 km/hour

– Motorways: 120 km/hour

– Expressways: 100 km/hour

– Other roads: 90 km/hour

Alcohol limits in Portugal

As one of the countries with the highest road death rates due to alcohol, regulations regarding alcohol restrictions when driving are quite strict. For information, the police there often make random alcohol checkpoints.

Broadly speaking, the permissible alcohol limit is 0.5 gram per liter of blood and if you have more than that then a fine of gravity will be imposed on you. Fines vary from 250 to 2500 euros accompanied by driving restrictions ranging from 1 month to three years. A 3-year driving ban will be imposed if your alcohol content is more than 1.2 g / l.

Best car rental companies in Portugal

Now let’s talk about economy and how to rent a cheap car in Lisbon and Portugal. The first tip is to research well in all car rental companies because in Europe there are several large companies that are huge, reliable and have stores scattered all over the countries and cities. You can rent a car in Lisbon or in Porto and return in Barcelona, ​​for example. The main and most reliable car rental companies in Europe are Europcar, Goldcar, Enterprise, Sixt, Alamo, Avis, Hertz, and all have shops at Lisbon airport and major airports in Portugal. You can pick up the car when you get there and you do not even have to pay the taxi to go to the hotel. To choose one of these companies, just search well and see which is at the best price.

Amazing car rental comparison in Portugal

Since there are many good car rental companies, they make promotions all the time, so research a lot of them to find the best price. There are some car price comparators that are excellent and do all that work for you, finding incredible prices. In a few seconds you will have on your screen all the car rental options in Lisbon and Portugal in the best companies and just choose the cheapest one.

Tips for hiring a car in Portugal

Renting a car in Lisbon and Portugal is cheaper than in several other destinations in Europe and in addition to paying less on the reservation, city parking and fuel are very cheap, since most of the cars that rent in Lisbon are the Diesel ones. And a tip is that usually the price of renting the car for more than seven days is much cheaper than for four, or five, so research well and see if it is not worth already catching a longer period because they make promotional prices more than seven days. The drive from Lisbon to Porto is only 2 hours and a half and has incredible cities of Portugal to meet you on the way, such as Cascais, Fatima, Ourém, Vila de Mafra, Coimbra, Braga and Sintra. It is worth doing a script of Lisbon with the final arriving in the city of Porto, and maybe even extend the trip to Spain that is there on the side.

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