Website Redesign Mistakes That Destroy Search Engine Optimization

Website Redesign Mistakes That Destroy Search Engine Optimization

A website redesign is a tough task to perform for the web designer and the SEO team also. If the designer makes any mistake doing his task, it can highly impact on SEO and its workability. So take note of the common mistakes to build a perfect website.

Website redesigning is a must at some point for a business owner. Website redesigning also can be for clients, or for your own company. This redesigning has to happen because everyone wants a user-friendly website. With a user-friendly website, it’s always possible to get more traffic and ROI as well.

So website redesigning is important, but there is some potential risk that is interlaced with the same. This very thing comes with the design mistakes often made by the website developers, and it can harm the SEO system in a huge way. So here, we have listed those mistakes, so that you can learn and make sure of the mistakes for your future website design.

  1. Perfect Environment for Crawl or Index

There are redesign types where designers tend to leave the environment of development all open for the search engines to index and follow the links of it. This can create a huge problem if the search engine indexes two versions of the same website. This very thing can create problems with links and contents as well. So, to avoid that, you have to block the search engines in a way that they become unable to intervene in your environment of development. Use some folders for each development

  1. Auditing the Elements of SEO

SEO auditing is needed at the time of website redesign. Website designers tend to think of the things that should be added in the redesigned website, but they often forget to audit the existing SEO elements that have been making profits and potential ranks for a long time. This auditing might lose their workability by the redesign, so an audit of this is always necessary. At the last, Google is at the end of every decision making, so you have to involve the SEO part from the start of the redesigning.

  1. Less Content

You have to have some good amount of contents on your web page. Most website developers have the background of graphic designers, so they normally have less knowledge about contents. So, if you are getting your website redesigned by such designer, your website will become less visible on the search engines. As for Google bot, it mostly prefers texts rather than some small text on an image. So you have to add some text so that your site can rank higher.

  1. Speed of Loading

A website designer must check for the speed of loading while redesigning a website. Google algorithm nowadays, checks the loading speed of a website, so you have to ensure this part. You can check the loading speed on various platforms, also check the average loading speed of the website Google tools.

  1. Complete Checking of Function

Website designer often makes this mistake of doing an entire check of the functions. You have to check search capabilities, interactive tools, multimedia players, pixel tracking, contact forms and so on.

The above-mentioned points are the most important things that a website designing company has to keep in mind while redesigning a site.

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