Two-Thirds of Web Users Prefer Stores for Buying Clothes

Two-Thirds of Web Users Prefer Stores for Buying Clothes

The experience of holding a jacketed book in your hand is way more satisfying than reading the content of that same book on an e-reader. Tangibility still holds more importance. The experience of being involved in something is far better than just experiencing a small fragment of it. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of web users prefer physical stores rather than buying clothes online. Some may consider this to be, in this age where literally everything is available on the internet, a great shock, but it really isn’t. The things that offer you cherishing memories are experiences that you don’t want to forget.

For most of us, buying clothes from a store is more satisfying than buying clothes online. Following are a few reasons which explain why Two-Thirds of Web Users Prefer Stores for Buying Clothes.

1.The Real Feel:

You cannot feel the texture of the clothing material, neither can you get the idea or the quality of the product if you buy clothes online. But if you buy your clothes from that same trustworthy boutique or from the sale section of a mall, you have this slight sense of satisfaction which means the world to you. Hence, reality beats digitization in this round.

2.Trust Issues:

Many times the clothes that we order online are not how we imagined them to be in reality, this causes disappointment.Sometimes the clothes that are delivered are damaged in some way or the other which leads to dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction and disappointment tend to weaken the trust between the customer and the seller while the clothes that we buy from stores are thoroughly researched and given a quality check stamp with our own eyes.

3.The outside experience:

Laziness has penetrated through our bones. The only time that people go out nowadays is if there is no other alternative available. But for shopping and also for having their food and drinks people would still prefer an outside trip rather than a home delivery. These are the few moments when we decide to go outside. While you are at an apparel chain, you don’t have to search to choose, but you can rather select whatever style you like.

4.The fun part:

Buying the clothes directly from the seller doesn’t give you that certain kick which you get from bargaining with the seller. Yes, some people just love this entire process of first showing dominance, then reducing the pressure and finally settling on common ground. Bargaining is askill which is aninborn talent and can also be developed by practicing. The idea of selling clothes online is therefore not convenient to the majority of the masses. You cannot download an appto replace this fun.

5.Overall Experience:

With the points mentioned above it is very clear that most men and women prefer to buy clothes in a shop than download app and order clothes online. Technology serves mostly to our needs but even with its advancement, technology cannot replicate the real world experience ever.

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