Peter Max – A Pop Artist with Vibrant Vision

Peter Max - A Pop Artist with Vibrant Vision

Pop art infuses a lot of bright colors and style that really create an everlasting impression on the audience. There are a few artists that have created a special place and niche for themselves in this field. This form of art depicts contemporary American culture, and it is a deviation from the conventions of fine art. This form of art draws its inspiration from daily culture, and some artists also consider it to be neo-expressionism as well.

Peter Max- a pop artist for over 50 years

Peter Max is an iconic name in the field of pop art. He has been creating amazing pieces of art for the past five decades. Born in 1937 in Germany, his family fled the Nazis and settled in China in 1938. It is here that they lived for a decade. He was inclined towards arts from a very young age and was encouraged by his mom and dad to take up painting. He associated color and sound together and considered it to be strong synesthesia. He says that when he first heard the sound of crayons on a steamer trunk, he became attracted to color and embraced painting as his passion.

His early life

Since childhood, he was inclined towards comic books, jazz and movies- all of them were very American in nature. When he was a child in China, all his first lessons were in English, and so it was evident that when he started to read comics in the language, he was very happy. He was also thrilled to watch American movies in the cinema hall. Many movies stole his heart as he fondly remembers them today.

His love for cosmology

His love for cosmology started in 1948 when he was traveling with his family in Tibet. This trip was a changing point in his life. It played a vital role in his spiritual growth and development as a pop artist. He happened to meet a scientist and an astronomer from Germany who was staying in the same hotel as his family. His encounter with this scientist made him fall in love with cosmic art. This form of art later became an integral part of his paintings and subsequent works of art.

Peter Max later moved to Israel and lived in Haifa. He became proficient in Hebrew and started to become more serious with his art. His parents played an instrumental role in teaching him creativity when they enrolled him at the Viennese Expressionist for lessons in art. He was tremendously influenced by Professor Hünik who changed his whole perception and the way he used to think about color. He was a devoted student of the professor and began to manipulate himself with color. Gradually he became so passionate about the use of color that they were seen in his works. Today, agents from eminent museums and galleries display his works and people are amazed to see how he has infused color with bold hues and themes to create amazing pieces of pop art for the world to see!

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