Larry Polhill Highlights The Essentials Of The Job Of a Chief Operating Officer

Larry Polhill Highlights The Essentials Of The Job Of a Chief Operating Officer

The COO or the Chief Operating Officer company tends to hold one of the most prominent and powerful positions at the enterprise. This professional is responsible for many important tasks and duties, and essentially is the one who heads the everyday operations of an organization. According to industry professionals like Larry Polhill, the everyday operating and administrative work of a firm is generally taken care of under the very watchful eyes of its COO. The position of the Chief Operating Officer ideally comes just after that of the CEO or the Chairman of the organization. Hence, the SOO is quite often regarded as the second in command of a company. These professionals are the ones who look after the day to day business of an organization, and subsequently reports matters relating to it directly to the company head.

The Chief Executive Officer or SEO of a company is essentially considered to be primary head of the organization.  The position of the COO comes just after that. Even though the key aim of a CEO is to create long term plans for the purpose of making sure of the progress of the company, COO is the one who ideally carries out these plans and makes sure that they are implemented in an orderly fashion. According to Larry Polhill, a CEO generally does not have enough personal interaction with the company employees, and it is the COO who is tasked with the job to carry forward their words to them. Mr. Polhill essentially serves as the Chairman of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer, as well as the President at American Pacific Financial Corp. (APFC). He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Cafe Valley, Inc.

His extensive experience in this domain makes Larry Polhill an ideal candidate to talk about the carious responsibilities and duties of a COO. He underlines that COO are the professionals who tend to have thorough knowledge of the various inner activities taking place in a company, and hence they play a major role in making sure that every aspect of the enterprise runs in a smooth faction. Some of the key responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer include:

  • Setting long term plans for the purpose of the growth and development of the company
  • Planning, designing as well as implementing various business strategies and procedures
  • Illustrating the prime vision and mission of the company
  • Supervising the everyday activities taking place in the company. This can include various departments of the organization, such as is sales, marketing, production and IT unit
  • Reporting all the relevant information to the CEO
  • Providing the CEO with him regular briefs about the progress of the organization
  • Maintaining a good and affable relationships with the company partners, vendors and shareholders
  • Becoming the leader for the employees
  • Encouraging the company employees to give their best for the company

Due to the various important responsibilities of the COO, according to Larry Polhill, they would be an indispensible element of any big organization.

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